Juilee Ogale – Desai ( Ira’s mother)

"YLK has helped my daughter immensely to develop her social skills. In just a couple of months I can see her transformation from being an extremely clingy baby to a toddler who now loves the company of people. YLK has a great set up for infants too and I love their special attention to each and every kid.  It gives a great outlet for my excessively energetic toddler. I love their different activities which are planned every day. And I have never seen any activity or evening snack menu repeated which is amazing. "

Manasi Mathkar ( Meera’s Mother)

We have been raising Meera with certain specific ideas in mind and YLK seems like the perfect partner in our endeavour. I'm particularly happy with the values that Poorva and her team try to instill in the children.  It has been a fun-filled enriching experience and we are glad Meera's growing up here.

Anupama Chidgupkar (Kaveri’s Mother)

My search for a clean and colourful activity centre ended at Yellow Lily Kids!!  Kaveri has always liked being around people so I thought that adjustment would be very easy! But children have to prove you wrong!! Kaveri used to cry all through the ride to YLK. I times i lost patience and was almost ready to quit. But the patience and dedication shown by all the maushis and tais was commendable. They tried different ways to engage her. The crying reduced. She started telling me what she did in school. And now 6 months have passed and sundays are difficult for me as the only thing kaveri wants to do is go to YLK. When at home she is busy looking at photographs sent by Poorva tai and identifying her friends. She absolutely loves it.  You should start sharing all your recipes on our group as the children love  the snacks! The mothers like me will be ever thankful!  Good work Poorva, Kavita and team!!!  Lots of love and luck!!

Shweta Mulye (Neil & Neerav’s Mother)

I am Neerav Mulye’s mother. We are extremely happy with Yellow Lily Kids. The main things that I would like to specially mention are the personal attention, timely updates about the food and activities that take place everyday. This helps working mothers like us know what our kids are doing and hence we are not worried. Keep it up YLK!

Sonal Patil (Kushal’s Mother)

Like any other day, I went to pick up my son kushal at yellow lily kids. I found his lil older friends Malhar and Jidnyasa helping him were his shoes so eagerly, that it reassured me about my decision of opting for YLK. The seed of friendliness and helping attitude that is sowed here will make child a better person in future. Its been around 6 months, that my two and half year old son joined YLK for evening activity class. The most attractive force that pull me towards YLK is its run by my 2 darling friends. With poorva, I shared each and every school day fun and kavita was a part of my vibrant college group. 

Apart from my personal friendly relations with them, their dedication and organised set up talks more loudly about quality of YLK. 

Personal attention, children friendly rooms, good care takers, variety of activities and healthy meals are major highlights, that I feel every mother is looking for. Activities here are helping children to learn more, make fun in a safe way  and also  to acquire good 'sanskara'. So I believe that sending to yellow lily kids is best gift for our little ones in this summer.